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CHIVALRY is a creative digital agency based in Montréal. We’re small, but always growing. We started this blog to document and share what inspires us to make every day into a story that’s worth telling. Also to flex–just a little.


Our ideology is defined by our personal surroundings and the distinct creative culture and ecosystem which spans from across the globe to down the street, each place and its people influencing and uplifting the other, like the two halves of our hearts. We’re lucky enough to say that two of the most youthful and vibrant cities in North America are the places we get to draw up-close inspiration from. Our passion for people is fueled by the various narratives and personalities of peers and role models, something that we believe is integral, especially in the creative fields.


We want to share the authentic, underrepresented relationships within an industry that oftentimes will value statistics and engagement over genuine moments of human connection and vulnerability. Our raison d’etre is to encapsulate those humanizing moments of sincerity that we feel with creators, visionaries, influencers, and anyone or anything else that keeps us electrified in a business where constant creative renewal is indispensable.

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