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Celebrating One Year in Our New Space

It’s been one year since we made the huge move from our tiny studio on Rue Notre-Dame in the beautiful neighborhood of Saint Henri to a new, sprawling space just around the corner. From the moment the keys dropped into our hands, we knew that we were in for a lot of work. This studio represents how Chivalry has grown over the last decade, and where we plan to go from here.

All 4600 square feet of our new studio was designed by Stefany Bedoya of Bedoya Design. The layout prioritizes convenience and productivity while taking visual risks that are meant to inspire a creative workplace. From grassy walls and ceilings to sporty recreational spaces inspired by a combination of both traditional and contemporary interior design techniques, this studio is set to be the ideal space for creative production. We spoke with Bedoya to get some insight into her process and what drove her to use the space how she did:

“I think that I had an advantage in designing Chivalry’s new studio space, only because I’ve been part of the team for about 4 years now and I know each individual pretty personally. There's a lot of psychology involved in being a designer, everyone works and lives differently. The challenge is designing a space that accommodates everyone’s needs while still maintaining a consistent, streamlined design.”

“My inspiration started with a combination of form, function, and striking, natural daylight. I feel that planning around natural lighting in unexpected ways is a great way to bring more joy into typical day-to-day work life.”

“This 100-year-old building has so many beautiful features that I knew it was important to keep the historic elements. By sanding the BC fern wood beams and wood floors and sandblasting the interior brick walls, the remaining space was able to be a neutral white without being too bland.”

"'Playful' and 'dynamic' would be two words that well describe this studio space. I believe in having aspects of playfulness in the office. It's so important to connect with others in an environment that promotes free-thinking and collaboration, especially when you work in the creative fields. So, we added a ping pong table, basketball station, brainstorm wallboard, and projector for cool visuals and video games!”

We’re so happy to be getting back into the studio after the last few unprecedented months and to be taking all the necessary precautions, ensuring everybody's safety.


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