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INTERVIEW - Landa Freak

SV: How has becoming successful as an artist changed your life?

LF: It’s been really difficult because I’m an artist from the hood, and I rose from the bottom with strength and dedication. When I compare myself to other artists, I can se

e that a lot of [opportunity] was just given to them.

SV: What about growing up in Medellin shaped you as a musician?

LF: It’s no secret that the neighbourhoods in Medellin have gone through heavy conflict and war. We breathe, we live this everyday, and we are a byproduct of that environment. So in the hood, we’re reserved with people and we’re on the lookout. But at the end of the day, we’ve gotta treat people the same way you want to be treated.

SV: What’s your personal philosophy?

LF: I always try and show the best side of me, I want to receive back what I put out there. It’s all about good vibes, always having a positive energy, to put out great music. The mentality is to always be present. Be in the moment to be in the building, as we say. I always ask God to give me the opportunity to go and represent, so He is by my side and good things will happen.

SV: What sort of misconceptions might outsiders have about what it means to be a Colombian?

LF: It’s not about exporting coke and weed to the United States. It’s not about that. You see a Colombian who represents who he is, he plants his flag and brings his music and culture wherever he goes and he creates excellent things. I hope that by carrying this attitude and faith with me, I’ll bring all the love, so that I can go out there–in the world–and represent my people.

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