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INTERVIEW - Uncle Jody on The Chronicles of Aria and “Clout” Culture

Jody Orrigo's official position at Chivalry can be best described as the "in-house international man of mystery". He's the class clown, the wise older brother, the thrill-seeker, and most importantly, our coworker. He struts alongside Pornhub's Aria down Melrose Avenue with contagious confidence levels and flailing limbs, a fearless improvisational protester standing in the face of the Los Angeles filler-addicted, engagement-obsessed, clout-chasing social climate. His skill sets span across a broad range of creative disciplinaries; from video editing to writing to talent, there's nothing our chaotic Uncle Jody can't absolutely crush. When faced with the endless unforeseen turmoil of creative production, Jody's natural ability to improvise and make people laugh saved the day.

We sat down with this enigma of a man to get a better idea of what went down on the production side of Chivalry's latest Los Angeles-based video project, "The Chronicles of Aria".


SV: You were a huge part of the production and talent side of "The Chronicles of Aria” videos. How many hats were you wearing as part of that project?

JODY: Let's see… editor, actor, I mean it was crazy because there were 3 projects that we needed to get in the can in just a matter of days but the chronicles would start out as something different. When we started, we had a bunch of ideas, and then everyone just came to town and was like “Yeah, whatever you guys want, I’m here, blah blah blah”. And then me and Aria hit it off, which was great because she was feeling a little uncomfortable with the idea of everything that was going on.

SV: Because it was too structured or something?

JODY: Well yeah back east [the producers] were trying to figure it all out and I was like: “I live in LA and you guys are here, that's awesome, and I’m happy to jump on board”, then it turned into “Jody, would you like to do this and that”, and I'm just like “Yes! Of course! Sure!” and [Aria] was like, “Do you wanna just riff with me?” And I was like “Yeah!”. That’s what happened, because she was having a little anxiety and I know what that’s like, the whole thing… so I was just like, let’s relax and lets not do that.

SV: Yeah, the whole thing seems really well improvised like that.

JODY: Yeah, a hundred percent. Because it started off as just as something totally different,was going to be like short skits of LA landmarks then we switched it up the day of….

That’s why that question is sort of weird because by the end credits, [even though] I wasn't brought in as an editor or anything, that's just what happened. So I think in the end I was editor and… director? I mean, I’m not trying to be a credit whore but… [laughs] that’s just how it worked out. Basically, I was editor, I was in it also… screenwriter? But a lot of it ended up being improvised, so...

SV: You and Aria have really good chemistry on camera, you playing her tirelessly dedicated assistant is really hilarious. Is there a grain of truth in that dynamic, off-camera?

JODY: Totally, that's kinda where the idea came from she was just really fun at like banter and she's just really witty and I just really appreciate that and I was like “Oh, okay!”. She's just a really fun person, who I felt a kinship to when I first met her. Like "Oh, look at this non-judgemental, fiery, open, but very witty person!"

SV: Yeah, she was quick!

JODY: Yes, very! So when she was nervous I was like okay, this just makes me wanna help. That's where it came from honestly. Cause like me doing that stuff, I would feel self-conscious you know, like, being on Melrose with the whole thing?

SV: Yeah, oh my god, it's so intimidating…. Like, being in front of the sneaker store with the whole getup? Forget it.

JODY: Yeah!! In a bathrobe and shit!? I mean how many times have I done that by myself? Never! but if it's for you, like if you need help? Okay, then let’s do it. That dynamic was very much drawn from real life, so when she was freaking out i was very much like ‘okay’... that was the dynamic!

SV: Yeah, everyone can just make fun of themselves and not feel, like, weird about it…

JODY: Totally.

SV: How would you describe that certain type of person that you and Aria were poking some lighthearted fun at in the “Chronicles of Aria” videos?

JODY: Just totally obsessed with image, perception, and likes. I mean you see that a lot in LA, they’re running around and a little bit attention-seeking… probably just like the vapid clout chaser who would do anything just to get “in”, you know? Including just being, like, totally fake to get what you need.

SV: I mean, you guys went to all the typical spots. Like the first time I went to LA I was like, let's get a picture with the light posts, you know what I'm saying?

JODY: Yes! There were so many other places we could have gone. A lot of the “hypebeast” spots, where the clout chasers do tend to hang out-

SV: Like outside the No Jumper store? [laughs]

JODY: Yeah, like, just ready to vampirically suck c*ck for clout.

SV: Yeah, in front of the wings and stuff.

JODY: Exactly, the wings!

SV: So what was the most fun part of that project?

JODY: I think just being able to be in these places like the LACMA and feeling comfortable because I was with [Aria], you know? Because she was so fun and it was really hot out, but it was actually fun to be in a predicament with her.

SV: Did anyone recognize her?

JODY: No, no, because we were on Hollywood Boulevard and stuff, walking around, and that's just very like… attention…? And that's not my go-to, you know? I don't like that… running around with the camera and everything…

SV: But you guys were like a whole production team just running around the city… people must have just been like… what the f*ck? People must have known she was like... someone, you know?

JODY: Yeah, that's the whole thing. If you're a clout chaser that is the thing to do. Hire a camera crew to follow you around. We did get that attention like “who is she”, but no one came up to her or anything. They shut us down at LACMA, though.

SV: Really?

JODY: Yeah, we needed a permit... but we got the shot regardless [laughs].

SV: Do you work on those types of projects a lot? It’s very mockumentary vibes… fully improvised stuff. Pretty niche.

JODY: Yes! It takes a lot of freedom and ok-ness with failing… it's not guaranteed… that's why it was so fun with her bc she was so fun and open and didn't care about being an idiot once in a while, that's why I was like "I'll edit it because I'll make sure you won't look stupid" pretty much.

SV: Yeah, it looked like a really fun project to be on the front and back lines of…

JODY: I like doing the improv stuff, but it's a lot quicker and a lot easier to do. I’ve been kind of involved in the improv world there. It’s what you make of it, for sure.

SV: I love improv and watching improv, and you and Aria clearly have that in-person kind of banter chemistry that makes for successful improvised entertainment.

JODY: Exactly! I don't even have a lot of people like that on my improv team! You really don't find that all the time! Hopefully we’ll be able to do a third episode soon.


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